The Barrington Institute is an independent nonprofit organization working to effect global change through policy research, practical community building, and life-long learning initiatives.

Train Campaign

The Train Campaign

Did you know that a passenger rail service existed between New York City, NW. Connecticut, and W. Massachusetts until 1972? And the line, along with all of its infrastructure and rights of way, is still being used for freight trains.

Barrington Institute Entrepreneurs

Rural Broadband

True community depends on physical connection and easy communication, and too much of in rural America does not have the infrastructure it needs. Barrington Institute promotes the use of up-to-date technology.

Barrington Institute Educators

Economic Development

Sustainable economic development means research about what businesses need to succeed in rural areas and how rural and urban areas can partner to promote a truly 21st-century economy.

Barrington Institute Economic Developers

Take Action

Want to do your part? Here are a few things you can do.

 How we help.

How-to guides and resources

We undertake independent strategic research and are developing a database of case studies from around the world. This will help professionals start and sustain economic development projects that will produce positive, measurable results for multiple stakeholders.

Strategic research

We undertake strategic research connected with Barrington Institute projects and we are able to commission custom strategic research and surveys for other organizations.

People we help.

Barrington Institute Citizen Groups

Citizen groups

The Barrington Institute aims to empower individual citizens and citizen groups. Our focus is connecting people, because we’re stronger as groups, teams and communities. We can help you connect to others who share your concerns and passions and commitment to making the world a better place.

Barrington Institute Entrepreneurs


The Barrington Institute is business friendly. We are eager to provide tools, tips, and resources for entrepreneurs starting and growing businesses, and creating 21st-century jobs.

Barrington Institute Educators


The Barrington Institute’s mission is to provide and promote global understanding through educational endeavors, so you’ll find lots of information here for educators to use in classes, and we plan to develop lesson plans as well as online courses related to all our projects. Live and learn!

Barrington Institute Economic Developers

Economic developers

The Barrington Institute thinks globally while developing tools and resources for local action. We will draw from best practice around the world to create models and a database of case studies that will help elected and appointed economic developers, leaders and planning professionals.

How you can help.

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Transformational projects like those undertake by the Barrington Institute require vision and leadership, and a lot of hard work.

Whether your skills are practical or analytical, there are ways for you to contribute and connect.

Barrington Institute Partner


The Barrington Institute wants to cooperate, not compete, with other nonprofits working on the same issues, and we are eager to partner with for-profit companies with a  commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Our mission is to make sure citizens know about programs and resources doing great things, and to do more by working side-by-side with other visionary organizations.

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The Barrington Institute is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, tax ID: 20-1670260.

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The Barrington Institute can, through its partnership with the Berkshire Publishing Group and links to organizations like the Berkshire Regional Planning Council, undertake research projects, and create white papers, policy briefs, special reports and technical analysis suitable for publication.

We produce how-to guides, ebooks, online notebooks and other resources connected with each of the Institute’s projects, including the Train Campaign.