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Barrington Institute Participate


Transformational projects like those undertake by the Barrington Institute require vision and leadership, and a lot of hard work.

Whether your skills are practical or analytical, there are ways for you to contribute and connect.

Barrington Institute Partner


The Barrington Institute wants to cooperate, not compete, with other nonprofits working on the same issues, and we are eager to partner with for-profit companies with a  commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Our mission is to make sure citizens know about programs and resources doing great things, and to do more by working side-by-side with other visionary organizations.

Barrington Institute Donate


There is text about donations on the Train Campaign site – can you copy it from there?

Barrington Institute Research


The Barrington Institute can, through its partnership with the Berkshire Publishing Group and links to organizations like the Berkshire Regional Planning Council, undertake research projects, and create white papers, policy briefs, special reports and technical analysis suitable for publication. 

We produce how-to guides, ebooks, online notebooks and other resources connected with each of the Institute’s projects, including the Train Campaign.