Help us present the facts.

Without thorough impartial research, we cannot propose effective solutions or create effective argument.

How we approach our research

The Barrington Institute (BI) supports the strategic planning and policy analysis needs of agencies, institutions, and corporations in environmental, financial, nonprofit, and government sectors through impartial research.

Clients seeking in-depth insight and analysis related to investment decisions, strategic planning processes, or policy deliberations can commission BI on a special project basis. Clients occasionally participate in multi-client studies. Presentations and briefings can be tailored to the client’s interests and needs.

To discuss engaging the BI to produce a study, white paper, or report, or to discuss a presentation or briefing by a BI principal or member of its expert community, please contact Karen Christensen.

Research for us

We’re in start-up mode, and more information will be posted soon. Are you able to undertake research or provide access to research material? We’d love to hear from you.

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