Current projects.

The Train Campaign. Bring back the trains.

Did you know that a passenger rail service existed between New York City, northwestern Connecticut, and western Massachusetts until 1972? The line, along with all of the infrastructure, is still there. The Train Campaign project began in 2011 to provide information about bringing this service back.


The Rural-Urban Intersection: Economic Development in the 21st Century.

Discussion of economic development has been stuck in the 20th century, when the flow of people to cities seemed inevitable. But with 21st-century communications and technologies, and a renewed emphasis on local living, the potential for rural and urban economic intersection is clear. The Barrington Institute will be at the forefront in bringing together research and expertise around these new opportunities in a new project.


The Cool Planet Academy.

Our planet is getting ever hotter, with the potential for disastrous consequences. The Barrington Institute’s Cool Planet Academy project will put practical information and advice on how to reduce this into the hands of individuals, drawing on rigorous scientific data provided by a global network of sustainability experts.