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Want to do your part? Here are a few things you can do.

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Sign the petition.

Improving rail transportation will improve our region in many ways: by connecting us much more closely and conveniently with New York and other cities, saving time and money, and reducing environmental impact.

In addition, efficient, modern public transportation makes sustainable economic development possible. Businesses offering professional jobs will be far more likely to relocate to the Berkshires when there is easy access to New York, and existing businesses, schools, and organizations will thrive.

Please support the current rail restoration project underway with the Houstanic Railroad and studies being done by the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission by signing this petition, and forward it to friends, family, and colleagues!

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Note: after signing, you’ll may be taken to a page offering other petitions  This is a function of the web platform, not something done by the Berkshire Train Campaign. Thank you for participating!

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Write to your representitives.

Please do send a letter or email to any and all of your representatives!

This is vital to engaging them in the effort to bring a 21st-century train service to the Berkshires.

But what should you say to be most effective?

Often supporters aren’t sure exactly how to write to a representative, so here are a few basic points for how to write persuasively in this context.

Writing a letter to your representative

  • Focus on the letter or email’s recipient and what they are likely to care about. Political representatives want his or her constituents to be happy and prosperous, they want good press, and they do not want bad press. Suggest that that they will benefit from doing what you propose, especially if they take a leadership role. And provide them with sensible arguments and telling anecdotes that they can use to persuade others to pay attention to your issue.
  • Make clear that you are a constituent and a voter.
    Present the argument for investment in train service in terms of things they know about and understand. Right now, job creation is probably the best argument to use, but there are many other benefits to good train service.
  • Make it clear that you will not only use the trains but will encourage others to use them. You may want to say that you have talked to a certain number of other people who share your opinion.
  • If you have a public platform of any kind (lots of Twitter followers, even) or particularly strong, relevant network because of your job or role in local organizations, make sure to say that you’ll be speaking and writing to your friends and colleagues.
  • Add a personal note if you have any other special connection with them.
  • Praise and thanks are always welcome, so if you have good things to say about their past efforts, do so.

Make sure these people know we want a passenger rail service in the Berkshires!

Make a donation.

How to donate

Donating is easy…and tax deductible!

You can use a PayPal account or credit card, just choose the credit card option on the form you are taken to when you click the donate button.

Donate now!

Donations can also be made by check, made payable to The Barrington Institute, with a project indicated if you want to support it specifically in the memo, e.g. “The Train Campaign.”
Checks should be mailed to 122 Castle Street, Great Barrington, MA 01230.

If you donate…
$10–$74  You’ll have our warm thanks, and your name will appear on the Supporters page of the website unless you choose to be anonymous.

$75 (or more)  You’ll receive a free train campaign mug as well!

$250+  Become a community sponsor! We will add your logo and a link to your website to the Berkshire Train Campaign website and e-newsletters. Please send a business-card sized (3.5″ wide by 2″ tall) print-resolution version of your logo to

The Barrington Institute is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, tax ID: 20-1670260.

What we do with donations

Your support will enable us to create educational materials to build public awareness, to undertake research, and create white papers and presentations. We’ll be running online programs and courses, and designing research projects to be undertaken in conjunction with academic experts.

Every donation helps, and if you’re interested in funding a larger project – such as a professional video or publication – please drop us a line so we can arrange to discuss your goals and vision.

Donations to the Train Campaign are focused on public awareness activities in the tri-state (MA, CT, and NY) region, but we also provide access to our tools and materials to other organizations, and coordinate a European passenger rail group.

Thank you

Be an advocate.

Spread the good word about the Train Campaign by doing some of the following:

  • Forward this page to everyone you know who might be interested.
  • Pull together any contact lists you have and make sure everyone in your network knows about this effort and joins in. Ask them to “Like” BerkshireTrains Facebook page
  • Post your comments, news items, local history, etc. to the Facebook page.
  • Upload photos. We would like photos of all the Berkshire train stations.
  • Follow @berkshiretrains at
  • Get kids involved – this is a campaign for their future too. We want to involve young people.
  • Ride the train whenever you can – get to know the service we have, and imagine about the service we can create.
  • Wear a “Bring Back the Trains!” T-shirt andbuy them for your friends at
  • Spread the word using our range of downloadable resources available here