Barrington Institute works with the award-winning Berkshire Publishing Group as a hybrid social enterprise committed to “Knowledge for our common future.” 

Food Security • Infrastructure • Climate Adaptation • Community • Leadership • Systems Thinking

The Train Campaign is working to foster a robust network of rail transportation options, based on a conviction that the future of rural America depends on connectivity and that we need to reshape the rural-urban relationship.

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Train Time

Listen to our conversations with people leading the rail renaissance at Train Time, hosted by Karen Christensen. Click here for a list of programs.


Get to know the professors and other experts who work on the challenging issues facing us today, and the educators who work with our next generation.

Global Food Sustainability

Academic resources: social justice issues of poverty and hunger; food security; food sustainability in a time of rapid climate change; the role of big business in food production; sustainable food production and farming practices in different regions around the world; health and sustainability; water resources; policy making.

Climate Adaptation

Our sister enterprise, Berkshire Publishing Group, focuses on knowledge for our common future. Read more at  Berkshire’s Making a Difference, and at Karen Christensen’s Home Ecology.

What people have said about our work

“Think of [Karen Christensen] as commander of the Western Massachusetts rail uprising.” – Heather Bellow, Berkshire Eagle

“It takes a splendid little publishing house to do what a major international trade publisher should have done long ago.” – Benjamin Barber, author of Jihad vs. McWorld

“Cutting-edge thinking from some of the smartest members of our species.” – Denis Hayes, principal organizer of the first Earth Day