Astrid Glynn, the Rail and Transit Administrator for ‎MassDOT (Massachusetts Department of Transportation), has provided four documents from the meetings of the working group she chairs. It took several emails and two phone calls to get them, but we’re promised that information will be forthcoming more quickly in future. The Train Campaign’s aim is educate and inform, to analyze options and promote discussion, and that we are happy to ensure that the work of her group and department is shared with the widest possible audience.

One of the points Alex Marshall made at his lecture on December 7th is that transportation isn’t one road or one line: it’s a system, and we need to think about it as a system, a network, not a shuttle back and forth between two points. A successful Berkshire Flyer would complement existing passenger rail services throughout the region, as well as restored service on the Housatonic route.

Here are the documents. Comments and questions are welcome!