In CT, transportation is one of the big issues in 2020. These suggested comments come from Transport Hartford:

CT2030 Plan – Overall, the state needs to include more bus transit (10% of the total) and active transportation (walking and biking infrastructure, 2% of the total).  This would be achievable by getting rid of any interstate or state route widening projects and only doing “cost of good repair.”  The commuter rail projects in the CT2030 plan are important as well, and were well represented.  What is important with rail projects is to benchmark the costs (not overspend) and focus investments on improvements that will increase long term ridership.  Giant surface parking lots surrounding transit stations are not long term investments in transit-oriented development and they cripple the grand list in towns with rail stations.

CT Climate Plan – This plan shouldn’t plan for increasing vehicle miles traveled through year 2030 and should set a goal for reduced vehicle miles traveled (VMT) of at least 10% by 2030 by increasing transit ridership, active transportation mode share, and telecommuting.  The climate plan should also consider a steep fee or moratorium on suburban and rural farm and forest developments that increase sprawl and are inherently car-centric.

News: “Hartford Line exceeds one million riders as commuter rail exceeds forecast”

CT legislators

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