With the favorable reporting on  Senate Bill SB2096 and House Bill HB3110 (HD1892), “A special act funding a study of passenger service on the Housatonic rail line,” by the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Transportation, we need to ensure that they move ahead through the legislative process. Help us ensure that the full Berkshire delegation is active in their support. Even if you live in Connecticut, you can help by forwarding this email to MA friends, and you can also write to point out how much we will all benefit from the restoration of passenger. (Berkshire Record story here.)

As you may remember, in February 2018, the Berkshire County Selectmen’s Association comments on the Draft Massachusetts State Rail Plan stated, “The Rail Plan should pursue upgrades to the Housatonic Line that would sustain freight service and facilitate future implementation of passenger service.”

In addition, the Housatonic Line Passenger Rail Service was ranked #1 in Berkshire Regional Planning Commission’s 2020 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). Three major studies have already been done on the line, two in 2010 and one in 2014, providing a valuable foundation for the further research called for in the 2020 bills. (Those earlier studies are here.)

Your voice counts whether you are a voter, a resident, or a second-home owner or renter. To open an email that is ready for your edits, just click the links below. Be sure to add your full name and address. Or  give them a call: numbers are included below.