To: ‘’ Subject: Housatonic passenger service

Dear Mr. Ray,

I’m writing as a citizen and business owner to ask you to continue to do everything in your power to make the Housatonic passenger rail service a reality. Passenger rail to New York will improve our region economically, socially, and environmentally through sustainable economic development. Professional people as well as businesses offering professional jobs will be able to relocate to the Berkshires when there is easy access to New York, and existing businesses, schools, and organizations will thrive because of a more diverse and younger population.

As an entrepreneur in the region, I will have the ability to add jobs in the region. This innovative 21st-century public-private project will also bring wide attention to Massachusetts and the Berkshires.

As founder of the Berkshire Train Campaign I’ve had a chance to talk to citizens across the county as well as to hear from hundreds of people in New York and Connecticut who welcome the idea of the Housatonic passenger service to Pittsfield. I attach a document with some of the comments from people who signed our online petition – you’ll get a sense of the immense interest and support this project has. Not everyone leaves a comment, of course, but the attached document is 51 pages long.

I’ve also sent this letter to Mr. Davey.

With thanks for your help and support, Karen Christensen.

Karen CHRISTENSEN 沈凯伦, CEO, Berkshire Publishing Group LLC 宝库山