After an 18-month study the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission has released a preliminary report explaining its recommendations for locating new and restored train stations for service to New York’s Grand Central Terminal. You can download their Executive Summary here, and below is a quick overview.

  • Pittsfield, MA: Joseph Scelsi Intermodal Transportation Center on Columbus Avenue
  • Lee, MA: west side of the downtown area on Railroad Street
  • Great Barrington, MA: existing historic passenger rail station site in the downtown area on Castle Street
  • For the state line, the BRPC writes, “The Town of Sheffield is conditionally rec-ommended as an initial location for a regional passenger rail station. The southern part of Sheffield may be an ideal location for a passen-ger rail station to serve Sheffield and north-western Connecticut if a passenger rail station is not located in North Canaan, Connecticut. A passenger rail station in both locations would not allow the passenger rail service to operate efficiently and is not recommended.”