Crossing the Borders, Connecting Communities

This episode of Train Time takes us to the borders region of Scotland, an area with storied history and dramatic scenery. Simon Walton tells the story of how, over the course of two decades, the Campaign for Borders Rail has made a case for the reconstruction of 35 miles of a passenger rail line that [...]

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Berkshire’s Center City: an interview with Ricardo Morales

One of Pittsfield young leaders explains how the city is getting ready for rail In this episode of Train Time, we spoke to Ricardo Morales, the Commissioner of Public Services and Utilities for the City of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Like many US cities, Pittsfield has faced challenges in recent decades, especially after the departure of GE [...]

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Moving into the 21st Century: an interview with Luke Bronin

In this episode of Train Time, we spoke to Mayor Luke Bronin of Hartford, Connecticut, who has become a leader in regional efforts to promote passenger rail for economic development, social and environmental justice, and climate stewardship. Bronin is also the co-chair of the bold proposal that was first called Rebooting New England and is [...]

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QIU Xiaolong on poetry, detective fiction, & a search for cross-cultural understanding

This Bookworld conversation with novelist and poet Xiaolong QIU ranges widely, from translating T. S. ELIOT to the challenges of telling stories set in China. Host Karen CHRISTENSEN is known for publishing and writing about China, but also worked for Valerie Eliot, T. S. Eliot’s second wife, and has written about her. In the podcast, [...]

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Meredith Richards plays a rail long game in Virginia

Advocate explains that corridor collaboration is the key to regional rail In this episode of Train Time, we spoke to Meredith Richards, president of the Virginia Rail Policy Institute and a member of the Board of Directors of the Rail Passengers Association. She explains how she helped build a statewide coalition to connect, and reconnect, [...]

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Rural Rail as a Game Changer

Inspired by constituents, a new state senator leads with rail In this episode of Train Time, we spoke to State Senator Jo Comerford, who represents a large rural district in the northwest of  Massachusetts. Comerford is a relatively new legislator, having taken office in 2019. As a legislator in Boston, she started talking about rural [...]

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A Big Vision for Big Sky Country

Our first Train Time podcast outside the Northeast takes us to Big Sky country. We spoke to David Strohmaier, chair of the Missoula Board of County Commissioners, about efforts to restore passenger rail service restored through the southern tier of Montana. He is also chair of the newly formed Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority, which [...]

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Talking North Atlantic Rail with Robert Yaro

Bob Yaro joins us to explain the history and concept of North Atlantic Rail, a project that has attracted great interest because of its scope and ambition. North Atlantic Rail is an initiative aimed as building a high-performance rail network to serve New England and downstate New York, connecting New York and Boston with high-speed [...]

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Seth Moulton’s Bold Vision for High-speed Rail in the US

We spoke with Massachusetts Congressman Seth Moulton (D-6th District) on January 13, 2021 about his bold plan for high-speed rail in the United States. He filed his “American High-Speed Rail” bill last May. The prospects for investment in rail look far better now and we will be following developments in federal infrastructure recovery, knowing that [...]

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