All These Things Are Possible: An interview about rail transformation with Governor Michael Dukakis

Former governor Michael Dukakis has strong views on the importance of public transportation. He thinks it's an important investment but he's also a believer in keeping costs in check. We talk here about rail as a regional issue and national imperative, and hear his views on how should governors and legislators should be thinking about [...]

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The Network Effect: A Conversation with Jim Mathews of the Rail Passengers Association

This conversation with Jim Mathews, CEO of the national Rail Passengers Association, began when he and host Karen Christensen met at the 40th Annual NYS Passenger Rail Advocates Meeting & Lunch in Albany on 7 March 2020, just days before the US lockdowns began. Mathews frequently talks about the important of measuring the value [...]

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The Network Effect: A Conversation with Jim Mathews, Rail Passengers Association

Welcome to Train Time. I’m Karen Christensen, and we’re talking today with Jim Mathews, CEO of the national Rail Passengers Association, about innovative ways of looking at the value passenger rail brings to our country and to our communities. We spoke about Jim’s awareness from an early age that trains make things happen, that all [...]

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T for All of MA: A Conversation with Chris Dempsey of Transportation for Massachusetts

We're speaking with Chris Dempsey, director of Transportation for Massachusetts (T4MA), about the “us or them” mentality that often pervades transport funding, and the efforts is making to build connections across the entire state, including out to western Mass and even to Berkshire County, which we sometimes call western western Mass. In this [...]

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Fast, Low-cost Ways to Improve Passenger Rail Service Now: A Conversation with Jay Flynn of TransitMatters

We spoke to Jay Flynn, officially “Bus Lead” but generally known as one of the TransitMatters gadflies. Jay worked in government for years before becoming a transportation advocate with TransitMatters. We’ve observed that TransitMatters seems to be good at holding feet to the fire. Flynn laughed and said, “Speaking truth to [...]

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A Conversation with State Senator Eric Lesser: Can We Build Back Better?

Just over a year ago we interviewed Massachusetts Senator Eric Lesser about his efforts to bring frequent, fast passenger rail service from Boston to western Massachusetts. This week, we caught up with him again, talking about the COVID-19 pandemic and what it means for his constituents and our nation. We asked if the crisis [...]

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