Passenger rail is coming! The big question is how soon. Two years? Five years? Ten years? The actual time to do the reconstruction of the rail line, purchase and fit rail cars and locomotives, and build stations between Danbury, Connecticut, and Pittsfield, Massachusetts, is three years. Service could be extended as far as the northwestern CT/ southern Berkshire County area in about two years. If you can volunteer your skills and time – by putting up a card or distributing flyers, or taking on another task – we can make a huge difference right now, this summer. Let’s make sure our political leaders know that an investment in trains should be one of their top priorities. The money is there but there are many causes competing for it. We want to see our tax dollars allocated to a sustainable future!
Please join us by filling in the short survey HERE. Or copy this link to your browser:
You can help by taking flyers to local stores or by helping with the website, or in many other ways.

You can hear all about the project – and pick up cards and flyers – at Monument Mountain High School in Great Barrington on Wednesday 10 July, 6.30-8.00pm. Please come along!

Finally, and most important, please take five minutes to answer the questions on the survey. Your help will make a real difference in speeding the arrival of passenger trains from New York City!