Bar Car Benefit Train Cocktail Menu below, devised by Number Ten bar manager, cocktail master, and Train Campaign supporter David Guenette:

Not Nostalgia, but the Future! A Fundraising and Q&A Event

Special Cocktail Menu

All Special Cocktails, $12.00

Number Ten Restaurant and Bar, 10 Castle Street, Great Barrington

No. 10 Manhattan

Woodford Reserve Bourbon or Wild Turkey 101 Rye, Antica Carpano Sweet Vermouth, dash of Grand Marnier, Angostura and No. 10 Orange Bitters, Luxardo cherry garnish, up or on-the-rocks.  We’re talking about a train to and from New York City, right?


Think dry Martini (gin or vodka), up, garnished with cocktail onions. Think Gary Grant and Eva Marie Saint in the famous train bar car scene in North by Northwest.

Blue Train

Gin or vodka, fresh lemon juice, Cointreau, Crème de Violette, lemon twist, coupe glass.  Based on Le Train Bleu cocktail, possibly named for the old luxury train from Calais to Paris, this is a variant of one of No. 10’s house cocktails, Aviation, but we’ll take the train.

Scotch and Soda

Dewars White Label, club soda, highball glass. The classic train commuter drink on the way back home to Greenwich, when men wore fedoras and drank highballs.

Pim’s Cup (Track) No. 1

Pim’s Cup No . 1, cucumber, mint, citrus slices, lemon-lime soda, ginger-ale, highball glass.  A tip of the hat to both Summer and British trains.