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“CT Gov. tells Berkshires rail boosters: Bay State must pay”

Thanks to Terry Cowgill at the Berkshire Record for continued coverage of the Train Campaign. We're especially glad to get an update direct from Connecticut governor Dannel Malloy. More next month (and next year! - welcome 2016) on the Massachusetts DOT, which is not winning hearts and minds in the Berkshires. Here's Terry's recent cover [...]

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MassDOT takes us back to the 1980s

Last night’s transportation “Conversation” in Pittsfield was a bust. As you can see it this photo, there were six DOT people ranged at a head table with signs in front of them saying “Rail” “Bike” etc., and tables at the side of the room with computers. First, we had pitches from our three state reps. [...]

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WANTED: Volunteer for the Train Campaign

Efforts to bring back passenger rail are springing up all over the United States. Our project, the Housatonic Corridor line from Grand Central Terminal through NW Connecticut and on to Pittsfield, MA, in the center of the Berkshires, is a model for the nation. Let's make it happen! To do this, the Train Campaign needs [...]

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MassDot “Conversation” in Pittsfield

Join us tomorrow, Thursday, October 29, 2015, at 6.00pm in Pittsfield, MA, to tell officials from the MassDOT (Department of Transportation) how important passenger train service is to western Massachusetts communities and businesses. Our efforts at the Train Campaign continue, and we need your voice and continued support. You'll have a chance to get updates, [...]

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Help us get a $11-million TIGER grant with your letters and tweets

I’m just back from China where I took the high-speed train from Shanghai to Beijing, and am writing to ask for you to help raise the profile of the Housatonic passenger rail line with the US Secretary of Transportation and our state legislators. Federal funding could play a huge role in moving the project forward, [...]

A history of the Berkshire Line

Here is Chapter 4 Berkshire Line: New Haven's Route to the Hills, pages 45-53, from the book New Haven Passenger Trains by Peter E. Lynch, published by Quarto Publishing Group USA, 2005. Here's a bit from the introduction: The Berkshire Line originated as the combination of the Housatonic Railroad, which opened between  Bridgeport and Canaan, Connecticut, [...]

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Rail is a catalyst for better development

California's plans for high-speed rail is one important aspect of passenger rail revitalization in the United States. Here's architect and planner Peter Calthorpe on why "High-Speed Rail Is a Catalyst for Better Development."  "Just as the ’56 highway bill helped spawn the modern suburb, high-speed rail would energize a new generation of community building — one [...]

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Maine seeks bids to operate rail line that runs from Brunswick to Rockland

Here's another of the passenger rail projects being considered, and campaigned for, in the United States. Interest in small-scale passenger rail projects is evolving in Europe, too, where small rail lines closed in the 1960s are being revived. A vision for global rail systems has to include smaller projects as well as major city connectors, [...]

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Bio-toilets on Indian trains

Clean and convenient restrooms are important features of modern train service and are top on the list for the new Berkshire Line. While we may complain about the condition of restrooms on Metro-North trains, here's an article from India about a situation we don't face here in the United States. NEW DELHI: Rail tracks in [...]

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Notes from Connecticut, March 2015

Governor Dannel Malloy’s transportation plan for Connecticut, announced last month, has two major spending components - over five years and over thirty years. What it doesn't specify is a clear funding plan to pay for all the projects in either time period, and instead establishes a commission to recommend a method for paying for the [...]

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