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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Berkshire Young Adults Survey

The Berkshires have been losing population for several decades and are projected to continue to lose population into the foreseeable future. Over the last two decades, the majority of this loss has been among young adults.The Berkshire Regional Planning Commission (BRPC), which also did a study of the economic benefits of passenger rail, is now [...]

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“I’D RATHER BE ON THE TRAIN” bumpersticker

For every gift of $50 or more (tax-deductible), you’ll receive five bumperstickers (shown above) to use and share. Click here to donate today. Your contributions are tax-deductible and enable us to print materials, advertise, and spread the word. The Train Campaign wouldn't exist if not for the time, effort, and generous donations from our supporters. [...]

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Exploring “Rails with Trails”

The HouBike Committee based in Cornwall, CT , is promoting stations/trails connections for the Housatonic Corridor passenger train line. Rails with trails is a way of attracting tourists and bringing tourism dollars to a region without adding cars. Read more at Rails with Trails or contact Patrick H. Hare, Consultant to the HouBike Committee,, [...]

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Buses instead of trains? An exchange between Chip Elitzer and Nat Karns

Our focus is bringing back passenger train service but at the Train Campaign we are interested in other forms of transport, too. And we welcome discussion and debate, so we’re sharing a debate about whether bus service could be a substitute for trains – or, as we believe, an essential adjunct to rail. Please join the [...]

Report on Wednesday’s CT Transportation Committee hearing

The hearing started at 12:30pm on Wednesday, February 11, 2015, in Hartford. The first person to testify on any related bill was Senator Michael McLachlan, Republican from Danbury. He testified on Senator Clark Chapin's bill which calls for a study of the proposed railway service. Chapin's district is next to McLachlan and both are Republicans. [...]

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Selectwoman Susan Clayton’s testimony to the CT Transportation Department

My name is Susan Clayton, a member of North Canaan's Board of Selectmen, here today in support of a bill H.B. 6343, on behalf of our community's efforts, calling for restoration of these State rails leased by Housatonic Railroad, whose freight operation is critical to North Canaan's economy. Housatonic Railroad currently serves two of North [...]

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Press coverage of the Rally for the Rail

There was lots of press coverage of the Rally for the Rail held in North Canaan on Saturday, January 31st. Here is a sampling: Waterbury Republican American Torrington Register Citizen Berkshire Edge Berkshire Record Norfolk Hamlet Hub We'll share more links as we have them, and welcome news clips from you.

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