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Berkshire Line route options & the Maybrook Line: observations from Fred Cain

One of our long-time supporters is Fred M. Cain of Topeka, Indiana. He has given us permission to share some of his observations about the Berkshire Line and related developments. First, some comments on the article about California high-speed rail we shared recently: Hi Karen, I have some thoughts that I'd like to share on [...]

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Massachusetts governor’s race could boost rail prospects in the Northeast

Not only do we have leading East-West Rail proponent Eric Lesser on the ballot in the race for lieutenant governor, but the governor's race could bring vital energy to the effort to build a North-South Rail Link in Boston. John Kyper of the Mass Sierra Club’s Transportation Committee passes this news along: [Former state rep [...]

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Lessons from around the world – a response by Ben Turon, Empire State Passenger Association

Ben Turon, one of our colleagues across the state line in Albany, has a lot to say about high-speed rail after reading the article from the Guardian we shared recently: Hello, Interesting article, but not entirely accurate, I would certainly disagree with the assertion that “countries that have moved fastest on such systems tend to [...]

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Connecticut: Danbury fast-track has a new start

DANBURY — News that U.S. Rep. Jahana Hayes, D-Conn., has requested a $2 million grant to take the city’s idea for a fast track to Grand Central station to the next step energized City Hall, which considers the project a key component in the downtown’s revitalization. “Once considered a long shot, a direct passenger rail [...]

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Massachusetts: East-West Rail has champions on the campaign trail

State Senator Eric Lesser is running for lieutenant governor of Massachusetts. He's got a reputation as the "high-speed rail guy and referred to this in his speech at the Democratic State Party Convention last weekend. MassLive provides detailed coverage of how the campaign will unfold in this article, "Lesser offers Western Massachusetts balance, qualifies for Democratic [...]

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Downloads (handouts & flyers)

Factsheet: The Berkshire (Housatonic) Line The text fis provided for your convenience; you are welcome to use it in your own materials. The printable PDF version is shown at left. Click the link above to open the file. Berkshire Line Factsheet July 2021 The Housatonic Line—also known as the Berkshire Line—was the route [...]

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