State Senator Eric Lesser is running for lieutenant governor of Massachusetts. He’s got a reputation as the “high-speed rail guy and referred to this in his speech at the Democratic State Party Convention last weekend. MassLive provides detailed coverage of how the campaign will unfold in this article, “Lesser offers Western Massachusetts balance, qualifies for Democratic primary in lieutenant governor’s race”. Here are a few paragraphs:

Lesser, speaking from the podium to delegates in advance of the vote, made frequent references to his support for east-west rail, the planned expansion of passenger rail service from Boston through Worcester — Worcester’s Union Station is just a few blocks from the DCU Center — and on to Pittsfield.

From him, it sounded less like a policy position and more of a metaphor for knitting together the state.

[Current Attorney General and now gubernatorial candidate Maura] Healey listed the east-west rail project as one of her priorities as well, both from the podium and in a post-results press scrum on the convention floor.

Here’s a pre-pandemic Train Time podcast with Senator Eric Lesser, in which he explains how the current East-West Rail Study came to be, what its goals are, and what his vision is for connecting the Commonwealth. And a recent article, too: “Analysis: Baker Completes His Conversion on the Road to East-West Rail…”

While we have a page about West-East Rail here at the Train Campaign, the best source of information is our colleague Ben Heckscher’s Trains in the Valley website.