Friday, 2 March 2018, is the deadline for writing to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation about your desire for train service in Berkshire County. It’s easy: click on one of the links below in the blue “letter” boxes. An email will open in your email browser when you click the links below. Anyone who cares about Rebooting the Berkshires should write! Here’s a presentation used at the pop-up meetings: CLICK HERE.

Click HERE to create an email making the following points made by the Train Campaign (edit as you please):

•    Move the Housatonic Line fromTier 3 to Tier 2  with the aim of stimulating new discussion with Connecticut, and undertake a study aimed at restoring passenger service, while simultaneously modernizing the portion of the line now owned by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to support existing jobs.
•    Commit to interstate planning and a new emphasis on rail systems instead of just rail lines. This means actively reaching out to CT, NY, VT, and other states.
•    Invest in east-west train service to amplify the impact of all north-south services, and make Pittsfield the final “western Massachusetts” destination in all east-west development.
•    Complete the Berkshire Flyer study with full financial analysis and, if possible, launch the service in 2018.
(Click HERE to open an email with these points already filled in.)

Click HERE for an email that includes the key points made by the Berkshire County Selectmen’s Association in their letter to the Department of Transportation (click here to read the whole letter):

  1. The Western Massachusetts Passenger Rail Study should extend at least to Pittsfield and consider improvements at less than high speeds.
  2. The final Rail Plan should incorporate the findings and recommendations of the Berkshire Flyer study.
  3. The Rail Plan should pursue upgrades to the Housatonic Line that would sustain freight service and facilitate future implementation of passenger service. (Click HERE to open an email with these points already filled in.)

We’d appreciate it if you would copy when you send your email, and it’s also a great idea to copy your legislators. Just go to Find My Legislator and enter your address. There will be a state senator and a state representative shown for you area. Click on each and you’ll see her or his email address and other contact information.

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