On Saturday July 17, 2021 we hosted a meet-and-greet during Railroad Days in Canaan, CT. Speakers included MA Rep Smitty Pignatelli, Canaan Selectman Christian Allyn, bestselling author Simon Winchester, and the Train Campaign’s Karen Christensen. Here’s the entire hour at Railroad Days recorded by our friends at CTSB TV: click here to watch online or tune in on your television (Spectrum Cable Channel 1301).
As MA Rep Pignatelli said, we appreciated the visas to get over the border into CT. We’re counting on another event soon with CT Rep Maria Horn, and we’ll depend on her for multiple-stay visas until the job is done, and the Berkshire Line running again! (Rep Horn had a last-minute emergency and couldn’t make it, but Christian Allyn stepped up in her place.)

We’re now scheduling meetings with legislators and community leaders, and preparing a detailed list of things you can do right now, as infrastructure legislation is being worked on in Washington, to ensure that this project gets the priority and funding it merits.

Click here to download a current factsheet about the Berkshire (Housatonic) Line.