We need a new petition focused on interstate cooperation. Help create a compelling new pitch for a Train Campaign online petition. The existing petition garnered nearly 5,000 signatures and many comments. You can see it (and sign it) at http://ow.ly/4no4lj.
This petition helped us get a lot of attention and contributed to the commitment made by the Department of Transportation in Massachusetts to invest in the Housatonic Corridor project. But progress has been hung up by two things: we need multi-state commitments to the project, and we need Boston to give , an.

The line to Grand Central Station runs through three states, and interstate cooperation is required. We therefore want to revamp the petition to focus on leaders and legislators in all three states, and to promote a broader vision for the project as a model for passenger rail revival across the United States.

This petition will be designing modularly, and we’ll write guidelines as we go, so other train initiatives around the country can easily create their own versions.
Please drop us a line about your relevant experience, your availability, and a little about yourself, too: thetraincampaign@gmail.com.