Our mission is to “Bring Back the Trains.” Our website –www.traincampaign.org/projects/traincampaign/ – is where we bring people together, share resources, and educate the public about the environmental, economic, and social benefits of passenger rail travel. The site needs to be upgraded to make us more effective, with a custom page system, tools to share with other rail restoration groups, and a dashboard and templates that can be used by writers and editors in different locations.

We currently have a WordPress website – you’re looking at it now! – and have made an outline of next steps which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have ideas, images, content, and contacts and the ability to provide any other information you need. Here’s an outline of the technical development we have in mind:

  1. Custom page layout so we can aggregrate content from a variety of sources into resource pages for different audiences. For example, “Starting your own Train Campaign”; “Why Passenger Rail Makes Sense in the 21st Century.” Each would have links to information on our site but also to recommended articles, documentaries, organizations, etc.
  1. Landing pages to go with each resource page/section so we can promote to teachers, local officials, etc. “Sign up here to get our teacher’s guide,” for example. We can provide images as needed – the graphic designer who has done our existing images is still available as a volunteer.
  1. Blog design that lets us include different types of post (feature articles, news items, notes, quotes) so we can generate RSS newsletters in Mailchimp as well as put information from other initiatives on the site. We want to highlight initiatives elsewhere in addition to our own news, and to include quotations about trains, links to train movies, and other fun stuff.

Please drop us a line about your relevant experience, your availability, and a little about yourself, too: thetraincampaign@gmail.com.