Here are some highlights from 2019:

Train Time and Train Minutes

We started our very own podcast called Train Time! The podcast is one of many efforts to spread the word about expanding regional rail in rural New England. Listen to our premiere episode with Massachusetts Senator Eric Lesser talking about the East-West Rail project. Click here or find us on iTunes or Spotify! In addition to our podcast, we have started releasing radio segments called Train Minutes. These are short snippets of local history. More Train Time episodes (including an interview with Michael Dukakis) and Train Minutes coming soon!

Expanded social media presence

This year we have revamped our presence on social media, from Facebook (@TheTrainCampaign) to Twitter (@TrainCampaign) to Instagram (@TrainCampaign), in addition to our website. We are working for better continuity across all platforms, so you can get your train news and updates wherever you would like it. Go check out our profiles, and the Train Campaign YouTube channel! Follow and share, spread the word!

Train Campaign films

We currently are in the process of creating a brand new film! It is designed to be shown along side of The Last Train to Pittsfieldand give a new perspective on how trains will shape our future. We have already begun shooting the film, and are very excited to show it to you when it is finished.

Another project in the works is a 1-2 minute animated video explaining what we do and what a revitalized regional rail would look. Our inspiration is a video made by Texas Central Railway, which you can see here.

Western Mass Rail Coalition & Connecticut partnerships

We created a website for the Western Mass Rail Coalition as a way to connect the efforts going on across the region. The website includes a newsfeed from all the organizations involved and also Transportation for Massachusetts (T4MA), an advocacy organization based in Boston that we were invited to join.

We are also working with the national Rail Passengers Association, and with citizens and legislators in North Canaan, New Milford, and Danbury, Connecticut.

We certainly have had a great year of progress, and we look forward to making even larger strides in 2020! In this season of giving, consider giving us the gift of your donation to help make passenger rail service a reality. Thank you so much for your ongoing support.