The Train Campaign is run by volunteers, but we need funds in order to undertake many vital activities:

  • keep you up to date on policy developments and make it easy to contact legislators
  • provide regular updates about new train and transport projects
  • enhance our website with town-level information and a “last mile” information page
  • extend our outreach to business and government leaders across the region
  • provide Train Campaign printed materials to libraries, stores, and other venues
  • create a series of podcasts so you can listen to rail experts & get updates
  • hold public events like the September 22nd program with Tom Sexton who will be talking about Rails With Trails

Membership/recommended contribution per annum

  • $25 individual
  • $45 couple
  • company sponsorship starts at $250

Join by CLICKING HEREYou can donate with PayPal, credit card, or by check (contact us for the mailing address). The Barrington Institute is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, tax ID: 20-1670260. We hope to see you at one of our Bar Car Benefits!