Here’s another of the passenger rail projects being considered, and campaigned for, in the United States. Interest in small-scale passenger rail projects is evolving in Europe, too, where small rail lines closed in the 1960s are being revived. A vision for global rail systems has to include smaller projects as well as major city connectors, especially in countries where success depends on public support across state, province, and county lines, and on the support of town officials and citizens. The Train Campaign intends to develop information resources and educational materials that can be used by any citizen group that wants to bring back the trains. We’re glad to share our design files, too, and some of the technical tools we’ve developed for outreach.

ROCKLAND, Maine — The state is seeking proposals from companies to operate the railroad line that runs from Brunswick to Rockland.

The proposals are to include bids on possible year-round passenger service from Rockland to Brunswick to connect to the Amtrak trains.

For the past two years, the state has been discussing whether to seek newcompetitive proposals to operate trains on the 58-mile route.

Maine Eastern Railroad has run the line since 2003. Its contract with the state was set to expire in October 2013, but the company and state reached an agreement to have Maine Eastern Railroad continue its operations.

Maine Eastern Railroad carries freight year-round and a limited passenger excursion service during the summer. The company receives no state subsidy and is required to maintain the tracks.

Nathan Moulton, director of the rail program for the Maine Department of Transportation, said the requests for proposals are intended to determine what interest there is in continuing freight transportation and perhaps expanding passenger service.